3 comments on “Ice Prince’s ‘Fire of Zamani’ isn’t Hot Enough [Album Review]

  1. First off, Jesse Jags verse on ‘Kpako’ wasn’t exceptional. Montana didn’t out-rap Ice on ‘I swear’. Wv dat said, Iv already known that Ice’s lines wud grow weaker by d lyric. No one is perfect wv d writing. He can use some help during writing buh unfortunately that is hardly found in 9ja music. Even Eminem wv all his writing skills n him being d best (2 me o) has ppl who assist him during d writing process on his album. Mack Maine ( President of Young Money n Lil Wayne’s childhood frnd) also assists Lil Wayne wen his writing. Dr Dre has snoop, game, Eminem, 5 cent etc writing 4 him. And d list goes on. These ppl r well known writers on their own buh they still make use of oda brains so I dnt rilli see anything wrong wv an artiste using sm help. By d way, no rating on d album. Good job tho

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