7 comments on “Shocking: Yes I Am A Member Of The Illuminati, We Are Behind Whitney Houston’s Death – Beyonce Opens Up

  1. Still not going to believe she said all that but the last time I checked, everyone had a right to their own religion. Them saying Oprah should have inquired more from her, to me, doesn’t really matter. I’m sure if its true, then she respects Beyoncé’s decision without question.

  2. This is true!!……Beyonce’s a witch!!!…..fuck her motherfucken life!…she’s a good singer though!!!

  3. Wat do u mean by “a right 2 deir own religion”??????…….is dat a religion????pls pple shuld nt say or do wat God wil use 2 strike dem dead….aw can u say such a tin….common d muslims re bein oppsed,tlk more of sumfin dat doesn’t glorify d name of God @ all

  4. @Nancy, were you there? You don’t just conclude. @Ify, it can be seen as their religion. Better still, let me rephrase, people have a right to worship what or who they wish

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